Welcome to Sharrar Connects! From an early age, I asked two questions often: first, why did my parents name me Ken? Throughout my entire life, I’ve come to understand the gift of connection. With all due respect for my four brothers and their given name, Ken (the Connector) was the perfect name for me!

Second, how can I make money telling people what to do? I’ve been blessed to be taught by some of the top professionals in the country in education, sports coaching, and non-profit leadership. I benefited from sound wisdom and guided counsel. Early on, I discovered the need to obtain a college degree (English) and find impactful mentors who coached me into my first love and career (Football). So, the solution was found – you can get paid to teach and coach!

I’ve been blessed to pursue these dreams for over 30 years. I’ve been a coach with some of the largest athletic organizations in the U.S. Now, I help my clients change their mindset to transform thoughts into real actions, creating positive habits and experiencing great results.

Did you know that one of the biggest obstacles to successful sales numbers or business productivity is mindset? Something as simple as your thoughts can determine whether or not you will land a client, complete a project, effectively manage employees - you get the idea.

Through business coaching and leadership training, our vision is to help you identify your limiting beliefs and decisions so you can experience success in all aspects of life at home and at work ... resulting in life transformation!


Professional and personal growth development is always rooted in authentic relationships - in connection with people. We guide individuals how to best to cultivate community.



Through one-to-one coaching, we help clients identify limiting thought patterns in order to transform thinking which results in personal and professional breakthroughs.



We tailor workshops to meet our client's needs. Our goal is to inspire, motivate, help to shift mindset, and ultimately bring about positive change in the lives of people and organizations.



If you are interested in learning more about how Sharrar Connects can serve you, connect with us today.