Ken Sharrar | Chief Energy Officer

Ken is Founder/Chief Energy Officer of Sharrar Connects, a coaching and training business where the mission is to “help leaders lead themselves.” He works with individuals, groups, and organizations teaching leaders how to leverage influence by first developing self-leadership.

He’s an entrepreneur, man of determined faith, and wanna-be golf pro with a degree in English. But his most important role, by far, is being a dad to his 17-year old daughter, Taylor.

He also spent nearly 26 years as an educator/football coach in private high schools and public universities located in California, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

In 2011, Ken founded Sharrar Coaches Leaders, LLC a coaching and training company. He holds certifications with the John C. Maxwell Team where he’s a founding partner. He’s certified by the Og Mandino Leadership Institute and serves as Area Director of Utah Region chapters of Master Networks.

Sharrar Connects, LLC | Ken Sharrar, Chief Energy Officer
Ken Sharrar, Chief Energy Officer
Sharrar Connects, LLC | Megan Sharrar, Business Development Director
Megan Sharrar, Business Development Director

Megan Sharrar | Business Development Director

Megan oversees Business Development for Sharrar Connects, a coaching, training, and life transformation company. She works alongside Ken in the development of Sharrar Connects in the areas of marketing, finance, and client relations.

She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of customer relations, communications, marketing, and special events. Though her degree from Biola University was in Communications, Megan had no idea that her professional journey would lead her from Disneyland to Cerritos College to Macerich, and now part of building a company that seeks to “help leaders lead themselves.”

In 2016, Megan married the love of her life, Ken, and moved to Holladay, Utah. Together they enjoy sharing all aspects of their life from co-running Sharrar Connects to baseball games to serving at their church to College Game Day, and even days on the golf course (which she only drives the cart).

Megan also serves as the Vice President of the Master Networks Holladay Chapter.


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