Ken Sharrar | Chief Energy Officer

Ken is Founder/Chief Energy Officer of Sharrar Connects, a coaching and training business where the mission is to “help leaders lead themselves.” He works with individuals, groups, and organizations teaching leaders how to leverage influence by first developing self-leadership.

He’s an entrepreneur, man of determined faith, and wanna-be golf pro with a degree in English. But his most important role, by far, is being a dad to his 18-year old daughter, Taylor.

He also spent nearly 26 years as an educator/football coach in private high schools and public universities located in California, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

In 2011, Ken founded Sharrar Coaches Leaders, LLC a coaching and training company. He holds certifications with the John C. Maxwell Team where he’s a founding partner. He’s certified by the Og Mandino Leadership Institute and serves as Regional Director of Utah Region chapters of Master Networks.

Sharrar Connects, LLC | Ken Sharrar, Chief Energy Officer
Ken Sharrar, Chief Energy Officer


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